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Mediating To Solve Conflicts Is

Our Business

Mediation is a process whereby the mediator is a facilitator in the mediation process to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. The parties use their own self-determination to reach an agreement. The mediator is a neutral party.

Online Mediation

Resolve disagreements effectively with help from professional mediators at Bruck Mediations LLC. Serving individuals, groups, and various entities in Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. We mediate respectfully and professionally online. Exceptional Student Education (Special Education Mediation) is also an area of our specialization. Pertaining to South Carolina, please note the following: Anyone can be a mediator or arbitrator in a dispute for South Carolina, so long as all parties agree. If the parties cannot agree on a neutral, the Court can often appoint one for you. The parties must pay for the neutral; if appointed by a South Carolina Court, the amount is generally fixed by law. Otherwise, the amount is the mediator's price the parties agree to pay.


About Our Founder/Leader 

Our company’s founder, Dr. Mary Bruck Ed.D., is a Florida Supreme Court-Certified Family, Civil, and Appellate Mediator. She is also a Tennessee Rule 31 mediator (civil and family).

Dr. Bruck specializes in civil, family, elder, AND special education mediation. She has earned the Essentials in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Certificate from the Mendoza School of Business - University of Notre Dame.

She is a member of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators. Dr. Bruck is also a community volunteer mediator for Tennessee. She has authored numerous articles presented nationally and internationally, including Oxford University, in the United Kingdom. She is also a member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators.

Her training represents the practical application of theory and concepts. She is a Mediator for Exceptional Student Education.

Additional Credentials

  • Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
  • Educational Specialist Gifted Education (Ed.S.)
  • Reading M.Ed.
  • Reading Specialist and Reading Supervisor Degree
  • B.S. Degree
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator: Family, Circuit Civil, Appellate As Well as a Tennessee Rule 31 Mediator


"Expectations succeeded. Helped me move forward in my mediation and gave me new insights into working with my clients."

- Jerry M.


Brilliant Solutions for CMEs

Every month, we offer free one-hour online training classes for CMEs. Additional training topics can be made available upon request. Please know that this offer is subject to withdrawal.

CMEs Training Are Also Available

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